Get locations or sell your existing route

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Wanna sell your route? Let us search for your buyer

Wanna make extra money? Refer locations and get paid for it.

The vending business is an entrepreneurs dream , finding locations is the primary factor in the success of your new or existing vending venture. Here, we offer you the ability to place orders for various locations, get available now locations or sell your existing locations. You can even make a great part time income by becoming a locator or referring the locations of local business owners you know personally. Take part in helping us add value to the vending industry . (We locate music players also). Make an order today!

Enjoy not spending your time on aquiring locations, now you can focus on the service side of the business

NEW ! Are you the decision maker at a business ? Do you want a vending machine placed at your location at no cost to you ? Click and get started here.


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Get locations - how it works

  1. Sign in or subscribe
  2. Tell us about your machines, send us info & pics.
  3. Provide the zip codes for preference of locations.
  4. Provide your deposit amount through paypal.
  5. We contact you with your new location(s) info.
  6. Prepare your vending machine/ take to location
  7. Make money for years to come.

Sell a route - how it works

  1. Sign in or subscribe
  2. Tell us about the route your selling.
  3. Set a sell price for your route.
  4. Once we find a buyer we'll notify you.
  5. We charge commission only when it sales %10.
  6. You sit back and collect worry free.